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We live in Totnes, a fascinating town. It is known in the UK for attracting people with an “alternative” approach to life. It has a lively street market two days a week, a float center, and lots of great cafes and vegetarian restaurants. There are several attractive walks that you can take from our house, such as along the river to the village of Dartington.

Come and stay to do personalised growth work. This might include healing, hypnotherapy, ceremonial work, personal growth and teachings. We can include guided tours to sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury. We will custom design your visit to your requirements.

avon dam 2You can stay in a local B & B close to our home. Fees for therapy, ceremonies, teachings and tours are charged on an individual basis. We can arrange healthy vegetarian food and we can accommodate specific dietary requirements.

In this  fascinating town called Totnes,  a beautiful area of England close to the sea and stunning countryside.We have had visitors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, USA, and Canada.

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