Teachings with Helen Forty

Teachings may be custom designed for individual training or taught to a group as a workshop. Helen travels internationally to teach the following:

Dream Therapy

Every night while you dream your mind processes feelings, adjusts your belief system and predicts your future.

This workshop covers:

How to remember your dreams / How to change your dreams / Dream analysis / Reoccurring dreams / The three phases of dreaming / Using dreams to create positive change / Lucid dreaming

Find your Life Partner

Are you single? Do you want a fulfilling love relationship with someone who is your equal? You can make it happen! This is a powerful ceremonial process to attract your life partner.

You will be guided to:

Gain clarity on the qualities you want in a partner / Release limiting beliefs/ Heal past hurts / Perform a ‘cut away’ ceremony to make room for your future partner / Sense your future partners vibration / Perform a ‘calling’ ceremony to attract your Soul Mate into your life

Based on Helen’s experience as a relationship counsellor, hypnotherapist, Huna shamanism and personal experience.

Western Astrology for Beginners

This workshop focuses on the birth charts of the participants, so each person will gain a deeper understanding of their own unique character, strengths and weakness, as shown by their chart.

This workshop covers:

The basic structure of astrology: signs, planets, houses and aspects /Learn about your ascendant and ruling planet / Learn about your sun and moon signs

Learn to read Tarot

Helen teaches a method of reading the cards that can be used with any deck. This is an experiential and practical workshop.

This workshop covers:

Developing your intuition / Easy and effective methods for reading tarot /Learn a variety of tarot layouts – and how to design your own spread / Giving readings for yourself and others

Tarot 2: The wisdom of the Major Arcana

Tarot is far more than a tool for divination. The 22 major arcane or trump cards are particularly rich in wisdom. Studying the major arcana leads to fascinating metaphysical insights about life. This workshop is not about giving readings although it will enhance your ability to do so.

This workshop covers:

Spiritual principals depicted in the major arcane / How these principles relate to your life / Tarot as a tool for self growth /The card that relates directly to your personal life path

Clues to your Past Lives

While Helen feels it is important to stay grounded in this life, knowing more about your past can help give you a deeper sense of who you are. Like dreams, themes in past lives can be seen as a metaphor for issues in your current life.

This workshop covers:

Clues about your past lives / Guided past life regression / How shedding light on the past can heal the present

Tea Leaf Readings

This lighhearted workshop will enhance your intuition. Tea leaf reading is a traditional European method of divination. It is easy to learn and fun to do when sharing tea with friends.

This workshop covers:

What kind of tea to use, and how to make it / What to focus on when drinking the tea/ Reading the tea leaves! / & Lots of cups of tea!

Hypnotherapy Home Study Training

Train to be a Hypnotherapist at your own speed, from home. Helen and Daniel are qualified to tutor students who are following the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) training in Hypnotherapy. This is a thorough and rigorous training program leading to qualification as a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht). In addition to passing theory exams successful students will need to complete 200 hours of supervised clinical hours working with clients.

The course is taught using videos, written manuals, tutoring and books. It is broken down into 9 modules of theory followed by practical training. Helen and Daniel are available to answer questions and as well as helping with practical aspects of the training.

For more detailed information on the course material see the HMI website www.hypnosis.edu

Note the fees that Helen & Daniel charge may be less than those advertised on the HMI website. Please contact us for further information.