Teachings with Daniel Darby

Teachings may be custom designed for individual training or taught to a group as a workshop. Daniel travels internationally to teach the following:

Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel has multiple uses and is central to the American Indian way of life. It symbolizes the view that life is a spiral, it represents balance between peoples, and it emphases the value of holding many perspectives at one time. The medicine wheel is also used for prayer, healing, ceremony and to get answers to questions. Daniel teaches about the meanings of the wheel, how to build your own, and how to use it in your life.

Shamanic Practices

Learn how to journey between the mundane world and other realities in order to bring back insight, healing and connect with spirit helpers.

Hands on Healing

Daniel also trained as a hands on healer with Rosalyne Bruyere in California. He teaches how to use earth energy & sky energy and techniques for using healing energy in effective ways.

Crystals (Stone People)

Daniel’s American Indian name is Stone Sitting, and he has a special affinity with rocks and crystals. He teaches how to work with crystals, including crystal grids, cleaning and caring for crystals.

Creating an Abundance Pot

This is a cross between an American Indian and Tibetan ceremony for manifesting prosperity, success and well being.

House Blessing

Learn how to fill your home with refreshing light-hearted energy. This process may include using drums, rattles, chanting, incense, crystals, laughter, prayer and is a lot of fun!

Hypnotherapy Training

Daniel (and Helen) are qualified to tutor students who are training with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). This is a thorough and rigorous training program leading to qualification as a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht). In addition to passing theory exams successful students will need to complete 200 supervised clinical hours working with clients.