Shamanic Therapy with Daniel Darby

What is Shamanic Therapy?

The word shaman comes from Siberia and means’ healer’ or ‘one who sees in the dark’. Traditionally a shaman was the wise person, healer and guide who served a community of indigenous people. A shamanic therapist adapts traditional shamanic techniques to help people in contemporary society.

As a Shamanic Therapist Daniel believes:

  • There are multiple realities of which the physical world is one
  • Everything is alive and conscious eg, animals, rocks, trees, clouds
  • Everything is enterconnected
  • Your spiritual, emotional and mental health affect your physical well-being
  • You can journey to spirit realms to bring about change in this physical reality

Shamanic Healing with Sound
May include the use of drums, rattles, hands-on healing, and energy work.


Soul Retrieval
If you’ve experienced trauma, you may feel that you have lost part of yourself, such as your innocence or ability to trust. Or maybe you gave away your heart and when the relationship ended never claimed it back. This process seeks to reunite you with what you lost.

Cut Away
Let go of emotional ties to people and events that no longer support your well being.

Ceremony has many purposes including bringing about a profound change, or marking an achievement, or healing or celebration.
Daniel adapts the format of the ceremony to suit individual circumstances.

Daniel has a nack for asking pertinent questions to help you gain clarity and get to the core of the matter. He may also draw upon his training as a hypnotherapist, which includes relationship counseling.