Dream Therapy with Helen Forty

Every night while you sleep your mind processes feelings, adjusts your belief system and predicts your future. Your mind does this through dreams. By understanding your dreams you gain profound personal insights.

Helen can work with you to help you:

  • Remember your dreams
  • Analyse your dreams
  • Use dreams to create positive change in your waking life
  • Experience lucid dreaming
  • End a cycle of reoccurring dreams

Working with dreams enhances personal growth and can increase your self-confidence and help you overcome fears.

What happens during a session?
In addition to discussion Helen may use hypnosis to help you explore, understand and work with your dreams.

About Helen’s Training in Dream Therapy
Helen’s formal education in dream therapy comes primarily from her training as a certified hypnotherapist and studies of Huna Shamanism.
She has worked with her own dreams since childhood.

Testimonial: “Helen’s objective and insightful observations helped me to identify what my dream was telling me about my life. Her skills made the dream interpretation a satisfying and enjoyable experience.”~Louise, Solicitor, UK