Astrology & Tarot Readings with Helen Forty

As a Reader Helen sees her role as that of a guide, helping her clients deepen their self-understanding and make informed decisions about their futures.

General readings 60 Minites

Helen uses a combination of medieval and modern astrology as well and tarot

to read your personality and character. These readings also include:

  • the major life cycles relevant to you now
  • predictions for the year ahead, including a
  • month by month guide
  • what is challenging you and what is supporting you

Specific Questions (Horary Astrology)

For specific answers to pressing questions.

Examples: “Does he/she love me?”,”Will I get the job?”, “Will I get pregnant?”, “Will I get married?”,” Will I buy the house?”tarotspread
Relocation Readings 30 minutes

Did you know your love life; career success and even your personality can change if you move country? Find out what happens if you relocate overseas and where your best location would be. Helen uses relocation astrology.

Relationship Readings 60 minutes

For understanding a relationship between two people, including romantic, business or family relationships.

Past Life readings 30 minutes

Typically this will include information on your past lives, karmic challenges, your life purpose and your gifts and abilities.

Distance Reading Options:

Telephone consultation with Helen

Reading recorded on cassette tape and sent to you by mail (extra charge)

Horary Readings are available by email


Visit Helen in person

at her home in Totnes, UK


General Readings: Your birth date, birth time and place of birth

For distance readings please also send: a recent photo and any questions or areas of your life you would like Helen to focus on

Specific Questions (Horary Astrology)

NO birth data required. State question clearly.

Relocation Readings

Birth data required. State locations you are interested in.

Relationship Readings

Birth data and recent photos of both people required.

Past Life Readings

Birth data required. For distance readings please also send: a recent photo