Helen Forty C.Ht, BSc Helen is a Healer and a Reader. As a Healer she draws upon a strong, diverse background training and teaching in personal growth and complimentary therapies. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a ‘hands-on’ healer and a ceremonialist. Her training also includes dream therapy and huna shamanism. She qualified as a certified hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, in California. This training is very comprehensive and includes training in counselling and relationship therapy.As part of her relationship counselling, hypnotherapy and ceremonial work she also has been very effective in helping single people attract romantic relationships, and couples enhance existing relationships.

helen_fortyAs a Reader Helen has studied medieval and modern astrology, and uses relocation and horary astrology as well as tarot. As a reader she sees her role as that of a guide, helping her clients deepen their self-understanding and make informed decisions about their futures.

From an early age Helen has had intuitive insight to other peoples underlying emotional wounds and hidden strengths. When working with clients she is compassionate, practical and effective. She believes you have the free will to choose your beliefs and the power to improve your life.

  • She aims to help her clients:
  • Grow in consciousness
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Have deeper more fulfilling relationships
  • Fulfil their dreams

Originally an architect, Helen has been practising as a Healer and a Reader since 1993. Now based in Totnes, UK Helen also lived in Hong Kong and Asia for over a decade.