Daniel Darby C.Ht, BScdaniel

Of part Native American blood, Daniel’s heritage and traditional apprenticeship training permeates his therapeutic approach He is a shamanic practitioner, a ‘hands-on healer’, a certified hypnotherapist, and a ceremonialist.In American Indian terms his animal nature is that of a badger. Badgers make good healers because they dig deep and can find things others can’t find, and because they don’t quit.

His American Indian training comes mostly from the Plains Indians although his blood is part Cherokee. His Indian name is Stone Sitting, given to him by Hyemeyohsts Storm. As a shamanic practitioner he trained the traditional way through an 8 year apprenticeship

Daniel also studied and worked for 9 years with the Healing Light Center Church (H.L.C.C) in California , which is lead by the well known healer, Rosalyn Byere. Here Daniel became a trained hands-on-healer and studied an eclectic range of spiritual traditions including Tibetan Bonpo, Celtic, Ancient Egyptian and Native American. He gained a degree in theology and was ordained as a minister of this non-denominational church and took a vow to be of service.

He qualified as a hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, in California. This training is very comprehensive and includes training in counselling and relationship therapy.

A therapist with over 20 years experience, Daniel also holds degrees in mathematics and computer science. Daniel travels internationally teaching and seeing clients.

Now based in Totnes, UK, Daniel is originally from the US, and also lived in Hong Kong for 5 years.